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The zero emission Australian bus chassis.

We are ARCC.

Australia's first light-weight bolted aluminium chassis.

 Leading the charge for zero emission buses in Australia. 

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The only Australian designed full length aluminium chassis. Two tonnes lighter GVM, without compromise.

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3rd generation battery systems. Higher power density, smaller packs, and fast charge enabled.

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Streamlined bolted assembly. Full-electric and hydrogen-electric configurations from the same modular frame.

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Australian designed & built. Fully ADR compliant.

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The ARCC chassis breaks free from tradition.

​Lightweight, durable, and ADR compliant.

All without compromising on passenger safety and capacity. 

 Pure electric or hydrogen fuel cell electric propulsion. 

Solutions for any requirement.

ARCC understands that the road to 100% electric requires balancing the needs of operators with the load on the grid. For this reason we believe that hydrogen and full electric vehicles both have an important role to play and offer either configuration on the same realiable chassis:

Lightening - Fast charge full electric

Hydrolight  - Hydrogen fuel cell electric

Bespoke services

Working alongside industry-leading OEMs, ARCC can provide customised solutions to suit your applications and routes.

Whether its modifying our existing packages or a custom development, our team has the experience and drive to meet your needs.


 Make your next bus zero emission

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