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Complete zero emission bus solutions.

ARCC is equipped to supply complete solutions for all EV bus requirements, providing modular aluminium designs that can be customised to suit any operating profile. Whether you require a park-and-charge, opCharge, fast charge, or hydrogen propulsion, the ARCC engineering team have a bespoke solution that can help you meet the rapidly growing demand for renewable transport options.

ARCC Lightening

Lightweight Chassis, Full Electric

The Lightening is the turnkey Full-Electric Aluminium chassis. Using a bolted assembly method on a lightweight frame; the design is highly configurable and accomodates battery capacities from 50-324kWh. You can specify what configuration the final solution is delivered as and how it is delivered, catering to your operating requirements and goals. This includes fast charge capabilities, mounted pantograph, and integrated telematics. 

ARCC Hydrolight

Same Lightweight Chassis, Extended Range 

The Hydrolight Chassis is a specialised alternative to the ARCC electric vehicle solution. The design incoporates a cutting-edge Hydrogen Fuel Cell with a high lifecycle LiTO battery system. This provides a clean, efficient, and long-range system that can easily replace conventional diesel vehicles in your fleet. 

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