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ARCC is flexible in our design approach as no customer or project is alike. We invite you to browse through our products and services and contact us with any enquiries.

We provide:

  • RH drive EV/FCE chassis kit options (LH Drive option coming soon).

  • EV and FCE conversion.

  • Bus refurbishment.

  • EV and FCE design and engineering support.

  • Customisable bus design.

  • Hydrogen consultation.

  • Infrastructure development planning.

  • Charging optimisation consultation.

  • 3rd party power supplier negotiation.

ARCC provides consulting and design services that reflects our expertise and experience in the renewable automotive industry.

Got an old Diesel or Gas bus that still has life in the body?

We can refurbish and repower your old diesel and gas buses with state of the art power trains and support. 

ARCC has the technology and experience to extend the life of your fleet and go green.


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