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Company Profile

ARCC is committed to the development of an Australian designed and built zero emission bus chassis. Supporting local industry and operators with socially responsible engineering. 

There are currently two prototype aluminium chassis under production with a further two in the development stage.


This includes:

  • A Full Electric City Bus Chassis

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell City Bus Chassis

We are a team of like minded individuals from the Australian bus industry, with both local and international experience in all facets of bus manufacturing.

Where Have We Come From?

We intend to disrupt the status quo by challenging the traditional methods of public transportation, still dependent on using diesel, liquid or compressed natural gas (LNG/CNG), and other fossil fuels.

Australia moved to using LNG/CNG buses in the late 1990s with the hopes that such a transition would provide a cleaner source of fuel for buses. Since that period, diesel has regained a competitive edge and many of the buses currently in service around Australia have reverted to diesel.

There is no denying the world is moving toward sourcing more sustainable fuel options for all human transportation; from passenger vehicles, to buses, to semi-trailers. China is currently at the forefront of such innovation, moving most of its new bus production to electric, offering large incentives and offsets to companies who align with this public commitment. Similarly, the South Australian government is looking to successfully implement its zero emissions program before the turn of the next decade.

We believe there are so many viable avenues to change the way we transport people, not just moving to electric buses. We have spent the last 24 months developing various means to change the way buses operate. We have established new models to change public transportation,  increase patronage, reduce operational downtime, and reduce the overall costs of the vehicle. 

The big players in chassis manufacturers have yet to release a full electric or fuel cell electric vehicles. 

The Future is Changing

We understand that it takes an enormous level of collaboration between the chassis manufacturers, body builders, operators, energy suppliers, and government to ensure the end vehicle is fit for purpose. With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles being seen worldwide, it is imperative that all parties affected have an input into the operation and infrastructure required to support the vehicles for their full life. We strongly believe that by bringing these parties together we can eliminate the magnitude of misinformation on the market and help reduce the hesitance felt by operators and government alike in launching large volumes of electric vehicles.

ARCC is dedicated to becoming a complete service provider; involved in the process from purchasing through to ongoing training and support. This includes planning and sourcing the relevant power infastructure needed to ensure your vehicles stay in service and are operable. This is why we have worked alongside our dedicated partners to develop country-wide projects designed to prove to the Australian market that sustainable options are viable, cost-effective, and readily available.

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