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The ARCC Team


Peter Murley

Managing Director

Peter has 22 years’ experience in all aspects of the bus industry both in Australia and overseas. He has spent many years managing government transport projects by manufacturing buses out of Malaysia for Australian and Asian markets. By taking a customer centric approach, Peter had a key role in the design, development of bus bodies and after sales support which was industry leading.

It was through this continuous development and improvement of buses that ignited the spark for ARCC.

Chetan Koniki

Chetan Koniki

Mechanical Engineer

Chetan has over 12 years of experience in the bus industry, ranging from engineering design, chassis/bus body building and manufacturing management. Graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from UNSW in 2012, his thesis specialised in advanced manufacturing processes using cryogenic gas delivery systems.

Chetan has been integral to the design and integration of the HFC chassis and is an advocate for hydrogen mobility.



James Mitchell

Electrical Engineer

James is a verdant advocate for mass transit, with a passion for zero emission technology. Having graduated from UTS with a combined Bachelor of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering & Bachelor of Physics; he placed an emphasis on automation, control systems, and software development. James has been the primary electrical engineer involved in designing and integrating the electrical systems, developing  ARCC’s powertrain-agnostic software technology, and working to bring new and innovative avenues of thinking to the team.


Mladen Vojvodic

Mechanical Engineer

Mladen is an engineering veteran with over 29 years of experience ranging from defense, ship design, special vehicles and buses. Involved in large projects around the world primarily in Europe, he brings to ARCC a wealth of knowledge in structural design and integration. Mladen was responsible for the design of Australia's first Euro 6 buses for Adelaide City Council and Canberra in 2014.

Having a keen eye for detail and passion for all things design, Mladen has played a pivotal role in the design of the ARCC bus body and chassis.


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Kienan Bray

Mechanical Engineer

Kienan is a mechanical engineering graduate with a strong focus on the renewable automotive industry and a deep interest in innovation, renewable energy, and manufacturing. He has been a critical player in the development of the technical documentation for both the EV and HFCEV chassis, providing concise and accurate information to support the project. Beyond his technical documentation skills, Kienan has also made significant contributions to the ADR process and played a key role in testing the prototypes. His expertise and dedication to the renewable automotive industry have made him an asset to the team.

(B.Eng (Hon))

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